Statement by Senator Catharine Young on Mta Bailout Plan

Catharine Young

May 07, 2009

       Once again, Upstate New York is taking it on the chin.  The Governor and legislative leaders, all from New York City, came up  with this scheme that bails out the New York City subway system to the tune of billions of dollars, but fails to fund our five-year capital plan for upstate roads and bridges.  These issues always were coupled together in the past to ensure equity and fairness between upstate and downstate. We need our highways and bridges fixed because of the impact on our economy and quality of life.

       I voted against the MTA bailout because it is another assault on our economic recovery.  Like the disastrous state budget, the MTA deal was negotiated in secret by three men from New York City. Property and utility taxes are killing small businesses and the cost of living is making it unbearable for families throughout upstate communities. We need open, accountable government that will focus on revitalizing all of our state, not just one region.