Statement From Senator Catharine Young Regarding Republicans Winning Back the State Senate Majority

Catharine Young

December 06, 2010

            “The Republicans' victory in winning back the state Senate majority is great news for the upstate economy and will bring desperately-needed relief for taxpayers," said Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I-Olean).

            "Balance has been restored and New York City's monopoly on state government has been broken. We will stop the unprecedented out-of-control taxes and spending that unfortunately have marked their reign over the last two years, and we will fight for sound policies that will grow jobs and the economy. Upstate no longer will be shortchanged," she said.

            On Saturday, state Supreme Court Justice Ira Warshawsky certified the election of Jack Martins in the 7th district in Long Island, who won that contest by 451 votes.  His victory gave Republicans the 32 seats needed to return them to the majority that they lost in 2008.

              As a result of the election two years ago, the Senate joined the Assembly and Governor's office as being heavily dominated by New York City Democrats.  Senate Republicans hail from every region in the state, with the bulk of members representing upstate and suburban districts.  Most Senate Democrats live downstate, according to Senator Young.

            Senator Young said she will work in a bipartisan manner to change the destructive policies that have emanated from Albany.

            "Governor-elect Cuomo ran on a platform of implementing property tax relief, cutting wasteful spending, reforming Medicaid and revitalizing the economy,” said Senator Young.

               "Upstate especially needs more jobs to get people back to work, and career opportunities so our young people don't have to leave,” she added.

            "I've always fought for these policies because they are what the people who live in my district want and need.  If Governor-elect Cuomo stands by what he promised, we can achieve positive results.  Many of his priorities are our priorities,” she said.


            "There's no doubt it will be a rocky year because of the harsh economic climate and the enormous state budget deficit.  Difficult decisions will have to be made. But I believe that with the right policies put into place, we can turn the state around.  There's hope again for restoring a brighter future. It's phenomenal," Senator Young said.