Statement From Senator Young Regarding the Commission of Correction’s Critical Report of Ocfs

           “Something's rotten in the state of New York, and it starts with OCFS’s radical policies.  This report verifies the appalling lack of judgment and gross mismanagement by Commissioner Carrion and her administration.  To reward juvenile murderers in state custody with sex from a prostitute and an underage girl at the taxpayers' expense goes beyond the pale.”

            "The Commissioner's agenda has endangered the public, state workers and youths housed at state facilities.  Once again, I call on the Governor to immediately remove her and start repairing the damage she has done to our juvenile justice system.  We have to make this right," said Senator Catharine Young, (R,I,C-Olean)

            Senator Young has been investigating OCFS’s policy changes under Commission Carrion, and uncovered the sex party at the Goshen Secure Center on December 12, 2009. Senator Young also attended unannounced the first social held at Brookwood Secure Center in July of 2009.

            There have been dramatic spikes in violence at state-operated facilities since Gladys Carrion became Commissioner in 2007 under the Spitzer administration. Last year, working at the youth facilities became the most dangerous job in all of the state agencies. Workers’ Compensation claims caused by assaults and violent acts on staff increased by 42% between 2007-08 and 2008-09.

            Early release polices implemented by the Commissioner and her administration also have resulted in violent attacks on the public, including the June 2009 murder of youth counselor Renee Greco in Lockport.  Accused killer Anthony Allen, who was discharged from OCFS supervision, will stand trial this August for bludgeoning the 24-year-old to death.

            Senator Young led a public hearing on June 16th to investigate growing concerns among community members, youth facility staff and law enforcement officials that the Commissioner policies have resulted in escalating violence by juvenile offenders, putting New Yorkers in danger.


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New York State Commission of Correction 's report, click here: