Statement From Senator Young Regarding Governor Cuomo’s Budget Proposal

Catharine Young

February 01, 2011

ALBANY - "Governor Cuomo is correct that our state is teetering on the edge of a cliff, and it must be saved.  People and jobs are leaving, and there are not enough career opportunities for our young people.  Our future depends on making responsible decisions to turn around the economy, grow jobs, alleviate the crushing tax burden, and restructure government spending," Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I - Olean) said.

            "The outrageous taxes and out-of-control state budgets over the past two years that I voted against have been devastatingly destructive, and the current system is unsustainable.  It is so top heavy that it is collapsing on itself.  We must take steps to address this crisis so we don't lose even more population and private-sector jobs.

            "Families have made sacrifices and trimmed their budgets, and now Albany has to do the same.  Reducing wasteful spending by eliminating unnecessary and costly layers of bureaucracy while not raising taxes will be key.

            It's very simple.  If  Albany takes the right steps to grow private sector jobs through relief from heavy taxes, unreasonable regulations, and wasteful government spending, then we will generate enough resources to properly fund services.  If Albany just keeps spending without the resources to pay for it, our state's decline will escalate.

We will begin public budget hearings shortly to thoroughly analyze Governor Cuomo's proposal, and I look forward to moving our state forward by taking actions that are long overdue and desperately needed so that we restore the economy and have a brighter future," she said.