Statement From Senator Young Regarding Late Budget

Catharine Young

March 29, 2010

“It is unconscionable that the New York City-controlled legislators who currently are in the majority of both Houses left Albany without even trying to get the state budget passed by the April 1 deadline.

They have failed to hold conference committees which would have moved along negotiations and put the process out in the open where it belongs, instead of negotiating the budget in secret. Last year, these same legislators forced through a state budget that contained out-of-control taxes and spending. This year, I fear they will pull the same stunts again, but add massive borrowing to their repertoire of bad fiscal policy that hurts our families and the economy.

I am calling on the leaders of the Senate and Assembly to hold conference committees immediately. The people have a right to know what their government is doing. I also call on them to scrap their irresponsible borrowing plan, implement spending cuts and a Constitutional spending cap, say no to tax hikes, create a property tax cap, and focus on turning around the economy. School districts, local governments, small businesses, and the public deserve to have answers. We need a responsible state budget, and we need it now.”