Statement From Senator Young Regarding Late Budget

Catharine Young

April 14, 2010

           “It is disappointing that the New York City-controlled Senators today staged a phony press event, instead of obeying state law and advancing the state budget process.

            The state budget now is two weeks late, yet the New York City leaders who control the Senate and Assembly and their members have packed up, left Albany and gone home, instead of following the law that requires public Conference Committees to hammer out an agreement.

            We need serious, bipartisan, open Conference Committee meetings between members of both houses, as the law requires, instead of their continued secret meetings between downstate leaders. 

            Every person in this state is affected by the state budget, and the public has the right to know what their government is doing.  Last year, those who currently control the Senate and Assembly deliberately hid their record-shattering tax and spending hikes behind closed doors until the budget bills were brought to the floor for a vote.  By that time, it was too late for the public to voice their opposition.

            The taxpayers of this state cannot afford a repeat performance of last year's debacle, but that is what is happening.  Those who are running Albany should get down to business and get the budget done openly and transparently.  Our state is in a fiscal crisis, and we need to stop the out-of-control taxes, spending and borrowing so we can turn our economy around.”