Statement From Senator Young Regarding Passage of Budget

Catharine Young

August 04, 2010

           “This budget fiasco shows exactly why we need to regain the Senate Majority. State government is desperately in need of checks and balances, and out-of-control taxes and spending need to be stopped.  The people of this state have had enough of Albany's destructive shenanigans.

            Unfortunately for taxpayers, the New York City-controlled politicians who currently dominate Albany have struck again. I opposed their budget mess because it hurts families and economic recovery.

            Over the last two years, this leadership have raised taxes on the average New York family by about $5,500 at a time that they can least afford it.

            Higher taxes, more spending, no job creation initiatives, and an extremely late budget -- all negotiated in secret by three men in a room from New York City-- there is nothing good about this budget.  It raises taxes on clothing, does nothing to correct suffocating property taxes, doesn't reform Medicaid, and steals tax credits that create jobs in Upstate and diverts them to the film industry in New York City.

            Tax and spending hikes kill jobs and economic recovery. We need to turn the state around. New Jersey just passed a 2 percent property tax cap. There is no reason why New York can't do the same.  I will continue the fight for property tax relief, along with mandate relief for schools and local governments, Medicaid reform and a spending cap.  We desperately need fiscal responsibility and accountability.

            We can get people back to work, have career opportunities for our young people so they don't have to leave to find jobs, make our state a more affordable place to live and work, and have a brighter future if the right policies are put in place. I'm more committed than ever to changing the direction of the state.”