Statement From Senator Young on Rules to Reform Albany

Catharine Young

July 16, 2009

        Reforming Albany has been a very difficult challenge, but we have made significant progress with the rules changes that finally were passed.

        Our region is located as far away as you can get from the power centers of Albany and New York City, and it is easy for them to ignore us. Our communities need and deserve economic investment to create jobs and spur growth.

        These reforms will make sure that every corner of the state receives attention and has a voice.

        People are fed up with secretive, back room deals in Albany, especially like the ones we unfortunately witnessed in this year’s tax and spend budget.  Our reforms will open up the process, allowing for more transparency and accountability.

           I am more committed than ever to rolling back the destructive New York City-driven tax hikes that have hurt our families and destroyed jobs.  My fight will continue for job creation and to restore property tax relief - especially the STAR rebate checks that families and seniors have come to rely on.


        We have taken the first steps with these groundbreaking reforms and I strongly believe we will have a brighter future if we can change the state's direction by making sound economic decisions and breaking New York City’s control over the entire state.