Westfield Opens First-Ever Farmer’s Market

Catharine Young

May 14, 2007

Photo & Story by Jason Ferguson ~ Westfield

As local merchants and vendors gathered in Moore Park in Westfield, state Sen. Cathy Young, R-Olean, presented village and town officials with a grant and opened Westfield’s first-ever farmer’s market.

‘‘I am very proud to be here,’’ Sen. Young said. ‘‘I know Westfield will have phenomenal success with this program.’’  In a joint effort, the village and town of Westfield combined their efforts and generated
a total of $18,000 to put the project into motion. The Westfield-Barcelona Chamber of Commerce also had a large impact on the decision to go forward with the project and the market’s operation.

The addition of the farmer’s market not only allows local vendors
to get their product out to the community easily, but also gives both the village and town an opportunity to showcase the park in the middle of town. ‘‘It has been my goal to have something like this, for the two years I have been mayor, so people can know and begin to appreciate what we have to offer,’’ said Mayor Dave Carr. ‘‘We are trying to entice more people to come downtown and to help our local merchants.’’

With the expected addition of produce such as fruits and vegetables, the farmer’s market will help those in the Westfield area to focus on agriculture. 

‘‘This is a great way to show off our agricultural products that are so important to our area,’’ said Martha Bills, Westfield town supervisor.
The Westfield Farmer’s Market will be held at Moore Park every Saturday through the end of October from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

‘‘It’s wonderful that the community is so supportive of events that promote and showcase our great town and village,’’ said Maureen DelBalso, Westfield-Barcelona Chamber of Commerce president.

By JASON FERGUSON - Westfield Republican