Tkaczyk Bill Will Allow Shared Fire Protection Services, Reduce Costs

Cecilia Tkaczyk

June 18, 2014

A measure (S6162A) authored by Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk to allow the Town of Mohawk Fire District to extend service into the Village of Fonda has passed the Senate and Assembly and will be delivered to the Governor for his signature.

“Shared governmental services help to streamline operations and save taxpayers’ money,” Senator Tkaczyk said. “Extending the Fire district into the Village of Fonda will save money, increase the pool of volunteer firefighters available and maintain effective and efficient fire service.”

The Fonda Village Fire Department was dissolved last year, and the Mohawk Fire District has been providing fire protection services to the village through a contractual agreement since April 2013.

Because fire departments can only draw volunteers from the areas they serve, extending service into the village of Fonda will expand the pool of volunteers available. Extending service also eliminates the need for a contractual agreement, further reducing administrative costs.