Tkaczyk Flood Relief Measure Included in 2014-15 Budget

Cecilia Tkaczyk

April 08, 2014

Legislation proposed by State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk to aid property owners hurt by last summer’s flooding was included in the 2014-2015 state budget adopted last night.

 Immediately following the flooding of Fort Plain in Montgomery County, Senator Tkaczyk introduced legislation to allow impacted businesses and homeowners to have their property taxes reassessed and lowered to reflect the flood-damaged status of their home or property.

 Senator Tkaczyk said, “It is simply not fair that flood victims are expected to pay property taxes based on the pre-flood condition and value of their property. Even worse, it can hamper recovery efforts because people have so many other expenses to deal with.  This legislation would help the victims by lowering their tax bills to reflect the decreased value of their property.”

 Senator Tkaczyk toured Fort Plain immediately after the flooding, which damaged or destroyed more than 250 homes and businesses. She assisted with clean-up, met with local leaders, business people and homeowners, and brought investors and community development experts into the area to build relationships with local officials.

 She developed her legislation after meeting with local official and community leaders to discuss the needs and the challenges they faced in the recovery effort.  She also wants the State to take further action to reimburse local governments for lost tax revenue.

 “I’m very pleased my colleagues grasped the seriousness of the situation in Fort Plain and other Upstate communities hit by flooding and supported my legislation,” Tkaczyk said.  

 “This will provide immediate relief to the property owners who have been hit the hardest,” she said. “But it will also provide assistance to school districts and local governments, so that they are not hurt by the loss of revenues from sales tax, property tax and other sources.”