Senator Fuschillo Announces Reopening of Jones Beach State Park Boardwalk

Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (R-Merrick) announced today that the Jones Beach State Park Boardwalk is officially reopened for the 2013 summer season.

“This is another major step forward in Long Island’s ongoing recovery from Superstorm Sandy.  Jones Beach is the crown jewel of the State parks’ system, serving an average of 6 million people each year.  Thanks to the hard work of many dedicated individuals, the Boardwalk is open, the storm damage has been repaired, and local residents and visitors from around the world can once again fully enjoy the summer at Jones Beach,” said Senator Fuschillo.

 The Jones Beach Boardwalk, along with the park itself, sustained tremendous damage during Superstorm Sandy.  Many sections of the boardwalk were destroyed and needed to be replaced.  Workers performed extensive repairs throughout the winter, repairing and replacing 1.5 miles of the boardwalk with more resilient materials to ensure that it would be ready in time for the summer season and better able to withstand exposure the harsh ocean elements.  Additionally, roofing, fencing, lifeguard shacks, and toll booths which were damaged during the storm have been repaired and replaced. 

The reopening also ensures that residents will be able to enjoy the 10th annual Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach, an event which draws hundreds of thousands of residents each summer.