Senator Fuschillo Applauds Governor Cuomo for Declaring Proposed Port Authority Toll Increase a “Non-Starter”

           “Governor Cuomo declaring the Port Authority’s toll increase proposal a ‘non-starter’ earlier today is welcome news for families and businesses that would have borne the brunt of these absurd and unfair increases. 

            Families struggling to make ends meet can’t afford a fifty percent increase in round trip tolls just to get to work or visit their loved ones. Businesses which are hanging on by a thread can’t afford to pay nearly 100 percent more in round trip truck tolls just to conduct business. These costs ultimately get passed down to consumers in the form of higher prices, which hinders economic development, prevents job creation, and forces us to pay more once again.  In these tough economic times, that’s the last thing we need. 

As the Legislature and Governor Cuomo showed with this year’s state budget, tough choices can be made without raising taxes and forcing overburdened residents and businesses to pay more yet again. This is exactly the approach the Port Authority should be taking.            

            Governor Cuomo was completely correct; now is not a good time to be raising tolls.”