Senator Fuschillo Asks Residents to Join WITH Him in Fighting the Mta

Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (R-Merrick) today invited residents to join with him to fight against the MTA’s proposed LIRR fare increases.

“Once again, the MTA’s solution to its never-ending fiscal problems is to ask Long Islanders to do more: pay higher costs, receive less services, and be further inconvenienced. The MTA board will ultimately make the final decision on these fare hikes and service cuts. Residents need to make their voices heard. I invite residents to join with me to oppose the fare hikes and make their voices heard by signing my online petition,” said Senator Fuschillo.

The proposed LIRR fare increase by the MTA could cost riders as much as 9.4 percent more per ticket depending on the zone and time. Other proposed changes include raising fees for onboard transactions, significantly shortening the time span for which certain tickets remain valid, and closing ticket windows at five local stations.

Senator Fuschillo noted that Long Islanders are already paying significantly more to help the MTA. The MTA bailout plan, which Senator Fuschillo strongly opposed, saddled Long Islanders with over $341 million a year more in taxes, fees, and fare increases to support the MTA. These higher costs, all of which were strongly opposed by Senator Fuschillo, include the MTA payroll tax on every Long Island business, non-profit group, school district, and  municipality.

Senator Fuschillo has set up an online petition which residents can sign urging the MTA board not to approve a fare increase. Residents can sign the petition by clicking here.