Senator Fuschillo Informs Residents Fema Step Program Application Deadline Extended

Nassau & Suffolk Residents Now Have Until December 31st to Apply

            Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (R-Merrick) is informing Nassau and Suffolk County residents whose homes were damaged during Hurricane Sandy that the deadline to apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) program has been extended until December 31st.

Through the STEP program, FEMA and Nassau and Suffolk Counties work together to bring in contractors in order to perform basic repairs so that eligible residents can safely return to their homes while more long-term repairs are in progress. Under the program, residents will have the damage to their homes assessed and, where safe and practicable, have basic repairs made so they can move back into their homes.  These repairs include patching windows or exterior doors, covering damaged roofs with tarps, and doing minor electrical meter repairs to have power restored.

Residents can also pursue major repairs through FEMA’s traditional Individuals and Households Program (IHP), which provides assistance to eligible residents for home repairs, replacements, and construction. Both the STEP and IHP programs can be accessed at the same time; participation in one does not preclude individuals from participating in the other. However, participation in the STEP program will make IHP applicants ineligible for further Temporary Sheltering Assistance, if authorized, or subsequent lodging expense reimbursement once work performed under STEP is completed.

Nassau County residents interested in participating in the STEP program should call Nassau County’s STEP hotline at 1-888-684-4267. Suffolk County residents should call 211.  The deadline to apply is December 31st.