Senator Fuschillo Joins Massapequa Residents in Calling for Child Safety Zone to Protect Students

     Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (R-Merrick) recently joined with members of the Massapequa community at a rally calling on the State Department of Transportation to designate Sunrise Highway as a school safety zone to protect students.

     Senator Fuschillo, who has been working with community members to get the Department to designate the area a school safety zone, informed residents at the rally that he recently received a letter from the State Department of Education supporting the school safety zone designation.

     Senator Fuschillo (speaking) is pictured showing residents the letter from the State Education Department supporting the community’s request for a school safety zone on Sunrise Highway. He is joined by Assemblyman Joe Saladino (R-Massapequa) and Massapequa Board of Education member Gary Bennett.