Senator Fuschillo Sponsors Program to Show Dangers of Distracted Driving

        Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (R-Merrick) recently sponsored a program to illustrate the dangers of distracted driving. The program, which Senator Fuschillo sponsored in conjunction with the New York State Police and Nationwide Insurance, helped reinforce the dangers of texting or talking on the phone behind the wheel.

        “Distracted driving endangers lives and jeopardizes safety on our roadways. Far too many people have lost their lives or been injured in crashes caused by distracted driving,” said Senator Fuschillo, Chairman of the Senate’s Transportation Committee. “Raising awareness through this program will help reinforce the message that distracted driving is dangerous and deadly.”

        The program included a distracted driving simulator. The simulator uses virtual technology to challenge individuals to drive safely on the road while also dealing with a number of distractions, such as answering the phone or sending a text message. The simulator demonstrates how much a driver misses on the road when their attention is diverted due to texting or talking on a cell phone.

        To show the potential consequences of distracted driving, the program also included an actual car involved in a fatal crash caused by distracted driving. The car’s driver, who was texting while driving, and passenger were killed in the crash. The vehicle has been signed by over 6,000 individuals expressing their condolences to the victims and promising not to drive while distracted.

        The program was held at the Legislative Office Building in Albany.

        Photo Caption: Senator Fuschillo (right) and Senator Tom Libous (left) view the over 6,000 signatures on a car that was involved in a distracted driving crash. The car's driver, who was texting while driving, and passenger both lost their lives in the crash.