Senator Fuschillo Statement on Thruway Authority Abandoning Toll Increase Proposal

Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.

December 17, 2012

     “I am very pleased that the New York State Thruway Authority is abandoning its proposed 45 percent commercial toll increase and will instead be considering a cost savings plan that includes no toll hike.

     A toll increase would have had a devastating effect on New Yorkers and the state’s economy. Families and businesses throughout the state are struggling to survive, over 797,000 residents are unemployed, and we are trying to recover from the destruction and devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Now is the worst time to raise costs on families and businesses.

     The Thruway Authority is correctly focusing on solving its fiscal problems by cutting costs and finding internal savings such as sharing services, consolidating management operations, and lowering operational expenses.  That is the appropriate approach during these trying times, one which the Thruway Authority should have taken from the start.

     Rejecting a toll increase is another positive step in keeping our state headed in the right direction.”