Senator Fuschillo: Superintendent Salary Cap Plan Could Save Li Taxpayers Millions

Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.

December 10, 2010

New York State Should Consider New Jersey Salary Cap Plan 

          Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (R-Merrick) today stated that upon a review of New Jersey's Governor Christie's cap of school superintendents’ salaries, such a move in New York State could save Long Island taxpayers an estimated $8 million.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s superintendent salary cap will save Garden State taxpayers nearly $10 million, according to estimates. If the plan is implemented in New York State, taxpayers would yield a savings of an estimated $15 million. New Jersey’s regulations take effect on February 7, 2011. 

            “This cost saving measure could save Long Island school districts $8 million without cutting one single educational program or extracurricular activity,” said Senator Fuschillo. “As we head into the new legislative session in January 2011, I am calling upon the Senate Education Committee to take a serious look at Governor Christie’s plan and consider adopting a similar measure in New York State.”   

            Salaries of Long Island school district superintendents are among the highest anywhere in the state. A recent Newsday article noted that eight of the top ten highest paid school employees in the state were superintendents of Long Island school districts. 

New Jersey’s superintendent salary cap plan sets salary levels based on the enrollment of the school district:  

            Enrollment Range:                              Maximum Pay:

            0-250                                                   $125,000

            251-750                                               $135,000

            751-1,500                                            $145,000

            1,501-3,000                                         $155,000

            3,001-6,500                                         $165,000

            6,501-10,000                                       $175,000

            10,000 +                                              $175,000 +

(can be higher with state approval)

            Under the New Jersey regulations, superintendents can earn performance incentives above the cap based on the attainment of key educational objectives. The objectives will be determined by the local school districts and must be approved by the Executive County School Superintendents.  These incentive earnings will be awarded on a year-to-year basis and will not count towards a superintendent’s pension. 

            Implementing the New Jersey cap in New York State would save Long Island taxpayers an estimated $8 million, based on the superintendent salary levels for the 2010-11 school year. Statewide, the plan would save taxpayers an estimated $15 million. The salary cap would be applied to new superintendent contracts moving forward.