Senator Fuschillo's 9/11 Message

Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.

September 11, 2012

"Today, we honor the men and women lost in the September 11th attacks.

11 years ago today, America was changed forever when cowardly terrorists attacked our country and took away nearly 3,000 of our loved ones, friends, neighbors and coworkers. While we saw horrific evil that day, 9/11 also showed the best of America: heroes rushed into danger to save lives, communities came together to support one another, and our nation united to ensure that we would rebuild, rise up strong, and not be defeated by evil. That continuing resolve is a fitting way to honor the victims and ensure that we continue to triumph over terror.

Wherever you are today, please take a moment to remember the victims, their families, and the men and women working and fighting right now to keep us safe from harm."