Senators Fuschillo & Johnson: New Republic Train Station, Double Track Proposal Vital for Continued Economic Development Along Route 110 Corridor

State Senators Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (8th Senate District) and Owen H. Johnson (4th Senate District) today announced support for the MTA’s proposal to create a new Republic Train Station and adding a full double track between Farmingdale and Ronkonkoma.

“We need a new Republic train station to help to continue to foster greater economic growth along the Route 110 corridor. Having LIRR service which brings people right into the heart of the area is an attractive incentive for businesses to relocate here, which means new jobs for local residents and more money invested into our economy. I fully support these projects,” said Senator Fuschillo.

“Many people in the Town of Babylon would benefit from a Republic Train station. Moreover, a train station in this area and the inclusion of a full double track would result in greater economic activity that could lead to new and high paying jobs,” said Senator Johnson.     

A Republic Hub station is vital to continued economic development along the Route 110 Corridor, where 20 percent of Suffolk County’s workforce is currently employed. Plans for further economic development along the corridor through a “transit village” proposed by Town of Babylon Supervisor Steve Bellone center around having an operational Republic station.

The Republic station would compliment bus rapid transit service proposed by Supervisor Bellone and help reduce traffic on Route 110 by allowing workers to get directly to their jobs along the corridor without using a car. The station would also provide traditional service to those commuting into New York City. Completion of the double track proposal is needed in order to provide service to the Republic Hub station, according to the LIRR.

The main line between Farmingdale and Ronkonkoma, which spans 17.9 miles, currently has 5.3 miles of double track, including at most stations. Under the double track project, a double track would be added to the remaining 12.6 miles of single, electrified track along the main line.

Along with serving the new Republic Hub station, the double track project would improve service reliability and on-time performance, as well as allow for faster recovery following service disruptions. It would also help better serve commuters along the Ronkonkoma line, which has seen a tremendous growth in ridership over the years.