Senators Fuschillo & Martins: Mta’s Plan to Extend Use Period for Lirr & Metro North Tickets a Step in the Right Direction

     “This morning, the MTA Board’s LIRR/Metro North committee announced plans to extend the length of time for which LIRR & Metro North tickets are valid. This plan, which is expected to be considered by the full MTA board on Wednesday, is a step in the right direction improving customer service.

     Ever since the MTA significantly shortened the ticket validity period at the end of 2010, riders voiced their objections to a policy which gave them only days to use a commuter rail ticket. We completely agreed with them. In a welcome move, the MTA has listened to their concerns and taken action to address them.

     Under the MTA’s plan, the length of time one-way and round-trip tickets are valid for would be increased from 14 days to 60 days, effective September 4th. Riders would also see the amount of time ten-trip tickets are valid for increase from 30 days to six months. Additionally, customers would have 60 days to apply for a refund for unused tickets, up from the current 30 day refund period.

     Unfortunately, this plan does not repeal the $10 fee to obtain a refund for an unused ticket, a fee which sometimes costs as much or more than the cost of the ticket itself. The Senate earlier this year passed legislation we sponsored to repeal this unfair fee. The MTA should act to eliminate this unfair surcharge.

     For far too long, the MTA has been seen as working against riders, not for them. This plan is another positive step towards reversing that and we applaud the MTA for improving customer service for riders.”