State Legislature Honors the Memory of Wantagh Resident Janice Seyfried

The New York State Legislature recently honored the memory of longtime Wantagh resident Janice Seyfried, who passed away on March 17th at the age of 72.  Both the State Senate and Assembly passed a legislative resolution, sponsored by Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr. (R-Merrick) and Assemblyman David McDonough (R-North Merrick), honoring Ms. Seyfried’s long history of academic excellence and community service. 

Ms. Seyfried devoted nearly her entire adult life to helping improve the lives of others. She spent her career as a teacher, educating students at Baldwin High School. She was a well liked and respected educator who received the “Outstanding Technology Educator of the Year” award from the Association of Computer Educators.  

Ms. Seyfried was also very involved in the community. She was heavily involved in the Kiwanis Club, serving two-terms as president of the Wantagh Club, serving as Lieutenant Governor of the Long Island South Central Division, and helping two other local communities start their own Kiwanis Clubs. In addition, she served on the Wantagh Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and was very active in her church, St. Jude’s Episcopal Church in Wantagh.  

“Whether it was teaching students or helping the residents of our community, Janice Seyfried worked hard to help improve the lives of others. Her legacy of selflessness and service will always be remembered by all those whose lives she touched.  I’m pleased that the Senate has memorialized and paid tribute to Janice’s many years of service to her community,” said Senator Fuschillo. 

"Over the past 20 years I was privileged to work closely with Janice as a colleague in Kiwanis and recall her humanitarianism and devotion to not only the cause of Kiwanis but also her home community of Wantagh. Her work on behalf of children was monumental and her memory will live on," said Assemblyman McDonough. 

With the passage of the legislative resolution, Janice Seyfried’s accomplishments and record of service will forever be a part of the New York State Legislature’s official record. 


Text of the resolution:



LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION  mourning  the death of Janice Seyfried, distinguished citizen and devoted member of her community


 WHEREAS, It is the custom of this Legislative Body  to  pay  tribute  to citizens  of  the  State  of  New York whose lifework and civic endeavor served to enhance the quality of life in their communities and the great State of New York; and

WHEREAS, Janice Seyfried of Wantagh, New York, died on March 17,  2011 at the age of 72; and

WHEREAS,  A  member  of  the  first  graduating  class of Wantagh High School, Janice Seyfried went on to enroll in the Katharine Gibbs  School in  New  York  City;  after completion of the Gibbs courses, she became employed at the school as the Executive Secretary to the Director while attending night classes at New York University; and

WHEREAS,  When  her  family  bought a farm in Upstate New York, Janice Seyfried was able to enroll at Elmira  College  full-time;  subsequently she  earned  her Bachelor of Science degree in economics and accounting; and

WHEREAS, Janice Seyfried returned to Katharine Gibbs School  to  teach during the summer, and began a career as a business teacher in the Baldwin Senior High School; and

WHEREAS,  Janice  Seyfried completed her Master's of Science degree in guidance and counseling at St. John's University and earned her  professional  diploma  in educational administration from the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University; she was licensed in  both  business  guidance and as a school district administrator; and

WHEREAS,  This  outstanding woman distinguished herself in her profession and by her sincere dedication and substantial contribution  to  the welfare of her community; and 

WHEREAS,  During  her  tenure  at  Baldwin  Senior High School, Janice Seyfried was instrumental in starting a computer program in the business department; in 1990, she received the Outstanding Technology Educator of the Year Award from the Association of Computer Educators,  a  tri-state organization of technology teachers; and

WHEREAS,  A  past  Officer of the Baldwin Teachers Association, Janice Seyfried was a Union Representative for many years; in 1994, she retired from teaching and opened a small graphic arts  business  from  her  home specializing in newsletters, journals, and invitations; and 

WHEREAS,  While  in  retirement, Janice Seyfried worked part-time as a parish administrator and  secretary  for  three  different  churches,  a trainer at CompUSA and Hendrix Institute, and a graphic artist for North Shore Today, a Richner Publication; and

WHEREAS, Janice Seyfried's commitment to excellence, and her spirit of humanity, carried over into all fields of enterprise, including charitable and civic endeavors; and

WHEREAS,    A  member of her church choir, as well as the altar guild, Janice Seyfried chaired St. Jude's Church fair several times, served  as vestry  clerk,  and was elected to the Wantagh Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; and

WHEREAS, In February of  1995,  Janice  Seyfried  joined  the  Wantagh Kiwanis  Club;  she served as its President for two terms as well as its Division Lieutenant Governor from 2002 to 2003; and 

WHEREAS, In 1995, Janice Seyfried was instrumental in  chartering  the first Kiwanis Key Club in the world for handicapped or special needs, at BOCES  in  Wantagh, the Center for Community Adjustment (CCA) of Wantagh Key Club, which is still thriving today; and

WHEREAS, Janice Seyfried served as the new club builder for the Kiwanis Club of Seaford in 2002 and then for the Kiwanis  Club  of  Uniondale United in 2007; and 

WHEREAS,  Janice  Seyfried  served  for seven years as District Public Relations Chairperson; in addition, she served as  recruiter,  new  club builder,  and  the  division  secretary of the Long Island South Central Division of the New York District of Kiwanis International; and 

WHEREAS, Some of her many awards and accolades include the  George  L. Prout Award, the Kiwanis International Award, the Anton J. Kaiser Award, and  the  Diamond  Level  Kaiser Award; she also won first place for her outstanding newsletter in the New York District of Kiwanis and was named Kiwanian of the Year, for both club and division; and

WHEREAS, Furthermore, she was recipient of the George F. Hixson Award, the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center Award, the Brittany Award, two  KPTC Fellowship Awards; and

WHEREAS,  In  2011,  the  Wantagh  Chamber  of  Commerce  named Janice Seyfried Citizen of the Year and was  given  the  Woman  of  Distinction Award; and

WHEREAS,  Armed  with  a  humanistic  spirit,  imbued  with a sense of compassion, and comforted by a loving  family,  Janice  Seyfried  leaves behind  a  legacy  which  will  long endure the passage of time and will remain as a comforting memory to all she  served  and  befriended;  now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED,  That  this  Legislative  Body pause in its deliberations to mourn the death of Janice Seyfried, distinguished  citizen  and  devoted member of her community; and be it further

RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitable engrossed, be transmitted to the family of Janice Seyfried.