Jacobs Calls For Immediate Repeal of Criminal Justice Reforms on First Day of Legislative Session

Says irresponsible bail and recovery reform presents imminent risk to all law-abiding New Yorkers

(Buffalo, N.Y.) - Senator Chris Jacobs is calling on the leadership of the State Senate to repeal immediately the state’s so-called “Criminal Justice Reforms” on the first day of legislative session, this Wednesday, January 8th.  The new laws, which went into effect January 1st, mandate the release of most criminal defendants without bail.

“I voted against these changes to our criminal procedure laws last year because I thought they posed serious dangers to law-abiding citizens and victims of crimes,” said Jacobs.  “These laws have been in effect only for a few days and we are already seeing criminal behavior rewarded and innocent victims being harmed.”

Jacobs highlighted real-life consequences of these reforms in just the last few days:

  • A man broke into a teenager’s bedroom and demanded money.  The girl escaped and called police. The defendant was released without bail only to commit another crime the next day.
  • A woman arrested for slapping three people because they were Jewish, and immediately released without bail.  The next day she was arrested for assaulting another person of the Jewish faith.
  • A man charged with possession of a weapon and burglary was released immediately without bail, even though he has 29 prior convictions.


Jacobs also mentioned that professionals in the drug enforcement community believe the new law will be a “get out of jail free” card for big drug cartels and gangs like the deadly MS-13 who are infiltrating New York State and the Long Island area in particular.  Jacobs also said he was very concerned that the success local drug courts have had in getting addicts into treatment is going to be undermined by these new laws, forcing those in the throes of addiction right back on the street.

“Every day these laws are in effect, the rule of law is undermined. This weakens the vital social compact in our society that our system of laws protects the law-abiding citizen and the vulnerable, not the criminal,” said Jacobs

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Minority Leader John Flanagan, Jacobs asked the legislative leaders to immediately take action to rescind the bail and discovery reforms before any other legislation is considered.

Jacobs is not the only person calling for swift action to repeal the dangerous new laws.  Earlier today, New York State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy called on the Governor and legislative leaders not to leave Albany until the bail and discovery reforms are repealed.