Jacobs calls on Thruway Authority to stop collecting tolls until issue of Canadian drivers is addressed

Says unfair for American drivers to pay tolls while Canadians get ‘free ride'

(Buffalo, NY) - New York State Senator Chris Jacobs is calling on the New York State Thruway Authority to stop charging tolls at the Grand Island bridges until Canadian drivers are also required to pay tolls.

Recently it was discovered by local news outlets that Canadian drivers can drive at no cost over the Grand Island bridges because no agreement exists between the Thruway Authority and the Canadian provinces to charge Canadian license plates. Contrast that with the 407 Toll Road to Toronto where all New York drivers must pay the toll when they drive that Canadian roadway.

“It is simply unfair that New York State taxpayers and American citizens must pay tolls or receive fines while Canadian drivers have a ‘free ride,’” said Jacobs. “Why the Thruway Authority would not have negotiated this agreement with the Canadians before going to cashless tolling on the bridges is shocking to me,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs added that thousands of Canadians pass over the bridges on a regular basis, meaning millions of dollars are lost due to this oversight.

“In a way, U.S. drivers are subsidizing the roads for Canadians,” said Jacobs. “This needs to stop.”

Jacobs called for the suspension of tolls on the Grand Island bridges in a letter to Matthew Driscoll, the Executive Director of the New York State Thruway Authority.