Jacobs Calls for WNY Reopening Effort to Include Buisiness Representation

Says input from small businesses, diversity of industries will be key to accelerating successful recovery

(Buffalo, NY) – New York State Senator Chris Jacobs is calling on Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul to include the active participation of the Western New York business community in developing the strategy and plan for reopening the region’s economy. 

“I believe it is imperative that your Western New York re-opening efforts include representation from actual private sector business owners directly impacted by the current shut down,” Jacobs wrote in a letter to Hochul.  The Senator went on to say later in the letter, “Our people and our businesses are hurting, and it is my belief that it is time to start re-opening our economy.”

Jacobs’ letter is in response to an announcement made today by the Governor that Hochul would lead the WNY reopening effort.  The Senator said he believes the administration was right to see the greater value in a regional approach to reopening the state for business versus the one size fits all approach originally supported by the Governor, but that Cuomo’s statements today worried him that there would be too much reliance on elected officials to dictate the process.

“Small businesses, industries like manufacturing and agriculture, and chambers of commerce must have input into developing the reopening strategy and how it should be implemented,” said Jacobs.  “The people who operate these businesses and the stakeholders that support their industries know what they need to get moving again and what they can successfully adapt to.  They must have a role in this process if we are going to effectively accelerate our economic recovery,” the Senator concluded.