Jacobs Criticizes State Parole Board as Convicted Killer is Forced to Relocate to Buffalo

(Buffalo, NY) New York State Senator Chris Jacobs (60th SD), issued the following statement after learning that a convicted murderer who was granted early release by the New York State Parole Board will be assigned by the parole board to live in Buffalo.

Senator Chris Jacobs:

“I was shocked and angered when I learned the New York State Parole Board’s ill-advised and irresponsible decision to release convicted killer Richard LaBarbera has resulted in him being assigned to the Buffalo parole office and that he will be living in our community. 

This monster was convicted of brutally assaulting, raping, sodomizing and murdering 16 year-old Paula Bohovesky in Rockland County in 1980.  He has never repented for his crimes, continuing to blame his accomplice for the heinous torture and murder of this innocent teenager.  He should have never gone free.

Richard LaBarbera is not welcome in Rockland County and he is not welcome in Erie County either.  However, these are the deplorable circumstances we find ourselves in due to the disgraceful actions of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s handpicked appointees to the New York State Parole Board. 

These board members have repeatedly ignored the voices of victims and their families in favor of the most vicious criminals in our society.  This madness cannot continue. 

For my part, I will continue to challenge and vote against the Governor’s appointees to a board whose primary concerns should be the safety of our citizens and justice for victims and their families.  I will continue to sponsor and support legislation to reform our broken parole and criminal justice systems that are failing law-abiding people while favoring convicted felons.

I only the hope the Governor and the Democrats who control the state legislature hear our outrage and help put an end to these miscarriages of justice.”