Jacobs Delivers $75,000 for Playgrounds at Hamburg Central Schools

State Senator Chris Jacobs is pictured with Hamburg Central Schools Superintendent Michael Cornell and fourth grade students at Charlotte Avenue Elementary School announcing $75,000 the Senator secured to launch the district’s playground handicapped accessibility project.
Four elementary school playgrounds will become handicapped accessible

(Hamburg, NY) – New York State Senator Chris Jacobs announced that he has obtained $75,000 in state funding for the Hamburg Central School District.  The monies will be used to launch the district’s playground handicapped accessibility project that will renovate playgrounds at the district’s four elementary schools – Armor, Boston Valley, Charlotte Avenue and Union Pleasant.

“The benefits from a healthy physical education program are well documented and range from increased classroom performance to developing better socialization skills and longer healthier life spans for our children,” said Senator Chris Jacobs. “I am very pleased that with this funding, the Hamburg Central School District will be able to begin renovating their playgrounds so these benefits will be extended to all elementary students, including those with physical disabilities.”  

The school district recently completed a safety assessment of their elementary school playgrounds that helped determine the path for upgrading infrastructure and equipment to ensure handicapped accessibility and improved use and performance for all students.  The total cost for renovating all four playgrounds is anticipated to be in the range of approximately $300,000.  Senator Jacobs’ money will be used for resurfacing and playground equipment purchases.

“Providing our children with the time and space to be healthy and active at school is so important to their learning outcomes and to their quality of life while they are at school”, said Michael R. Cornell, Superintendent of Schools.  “We are grateful for Senator Jacobs’s partnership and support as we assure that our outdoor spaces are accessible, safe and fun for all children.”

Work on the conversion of the playgrounds is expected to begin during the 2018-2019 school year. 

As for the completion of the project, Assistant Superintendent Colleen Kaney said, “While we expect the majority of the work to be completed over a couple of school years, new advances in handicap accessibility will cause us to continually assess these spaces to assure that they are equipped to accommodate widest possible range of students.”