Jacobs Expresses Serious Concerns Over Proposed Hamburg Asphalt Plant

Calls for comprehensive environmental review

(Erie County, NY) – State Senator Chris Jacobs has serious concerns about the proposal to locate an asphalt plant in the Town of Hamburg.

In a letter to the Town of Hamburg Planning Board, Jacobs wrote “The process of heating, mixing, storing and transporting asphalt all carry great potential for generating emissions with harmful chemicals and materials, not to mention unpleasant odors that will negatively impact the quality of life of residents in close proximity.”

The proposed location of this asphalt plant would be on Camp Road and Elmview Avenue bordering the Village of Hamburg.  The proposal has garnered significant opposition from residents in the Town and Village of Hamburg.

“The fact that this location ….is in such close proximity to residential neighborhoods, multiple school buildings and athletic fields, day care centers and nursing homes..., demands that any lead agency require the most comprehensive and thorough analysis and review available….,” wrote Jacobs.

Jacobs has also sent correspondence to the State Department of Environmental Conservation citing his serious concerns over this proposed project.

“I am in favor of business and development, but certainly not to the detriment of the quality of life and the quality of health of the residents of Hamburg.  That is why I am expressing my concerns in writing to the Planning Board early on in this process,” Jacobs concluded.