Jacobs Introduces Bill To Revoke Green Light Law Giving Driver's Licenses To Illegal Aliens

Senator Jacobs discussing his legislation to repeal the Green Light bill which gives driver's licenses to illegal aliens.
Senator says law should be revoked before even taking effect

(Buffalo, NY) – New York State Senator Chris Jacobs announced today that he has introduced legislation that would rescind New York State’s Green Light bill that gives driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.  There was bi-partisan opposition to the legislation that barely passed by a vote of 33-29 late in the legislative session.  Despite admitting that he had concerns about the legal ramifications of the bill, Governor Cuomo quickly signed it into law.

“I think many of the legislators who voted for this bill in Albany are now hearing from their constituents back home that they are angry and offended that they voted for such a flawed and dangerous piece of legislation,” said Jacobs.  “Given the greater scrutiny the new law is receiving, and the legal challenges being mounted against it, I truly believe if this vote were held again the results would be very different,” the Senator added. 

Constitutional issues being raised in legal challenges made by county clerk’s across the state point to possible violations of the Supremacy Clause which establishes that the federal constitution and federal laws take precedence over state constitutions and state laws.  Additional negative consequences include the potential for a dramatic increase in voter fraud, and the hindering of local and regional law enforcement agencies from accessing critical information used to keep officers and the general public safe.

Jacobs said he believes most New Yorker’s think it is very important to abide by our laws and those that do not, should not be rewarded with privileges such as driver’s licenses.  Public polling prior to the vote in June confirmed that sentiment with some surveys being reported showing that between sixty to seventy percent of New York residents oppose the law. 

“Forcing through passage of this legislation and signing it into law in the face of such strong opposition from law enforcement, the general public and local elected leaders across the state is the height of arrogance,” said Jacobs.  “The law abiding citizens of New York State deserve better than this, and that’s why I will be fighting for passage of this bill,” the Senator concluded.