Senator Jacobs Responds to Governor's State of the State Address

Senator Chris Jacobs:

“This is the fourth State of the State Address that I have witnessed since being elected to the New York State Senate and it was by far and away the most disappointing. 

Absent meaningful policy initiatives and noteworthy projects, the Governor’s speech was instead filled with contradictions and silent on the two most important matters facing New York residents and the members of the legislature – dangerous new bail and discovery laws that are protecting criminals and making law-abiding citizens less safe and closing a $6 billion dollar deficit.

When the Governor uses the State of the State Address to advocate that climate change is New York’s biggest problem, it tells me that he is out of touch with what is really happening in New York State today. 

It is abundantly clear that it will be up to the legislature to take on an even greater role in trying to right the ship of state government.  The session has begun, and in the coming days and weeks I will be introducing legislation, advocating for policy changes, and working with my colleagues in the Senate Republican conference to address the serious issues that the Governor avoided today.”