State Senator Chris Jacobs Reacts to Senate Passage of Green Light Bill

Senator Jacobs and his Republican colleagues speaking in opposition to the Green Light bill that will enable illegals to obtain driver's licenses.

(Albany, NY) New York State Senator Chris Jacobs (60th SD), issued the following statement after the Democratic majority passed the Green Light Bill which if signed by the Governor will pave the way for illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses in New York State.

Senator Chris Jacobs:

“This is a sad day in the state of New York and it is a sad day for the rule of law.  In a primarily party-line vote, the New York State Senate’s Democrat majority passed the Green Light bill, opening the door to granting driver’s licenses to undocumented persons who have entered our country illegally. 

In doing so, the Democrat majority has also opened the door to the following serious consequences:

  • This legislation makes our communities less safe by tying the hands of law enforcement and denying them access to DMV databases and information critical to day to day police work.
  • With no proof of identification required on election day, and no way for DMV employees to validate the authenticity of foreign documents, the Democrat Senate majority has opened a Pandora’s Box for voter fraud that will further disenfranchise upstate voter’s and their concerns and needs while reinforcing New York City’s progressive agenda.
  • A double standard has been created that rewards illegal behavior while law-abiding citizens will be subject to more stringent requirements and greater burdens of proof.


Passage of this bill is an affront to every New York resident who follows the rules and obeys the laws, and it is a slight to every immigrant who came to this great country because of their respect for the rule of law and the safety and security that comes with it. 

The only hope now is that the Governor will recognize the many flaws and constitutional questions created by this bill and do the right thing by vetoing it.”