Senator Johnson: Arizona Iced Tea is Long Island Business; Boycott Misguided

Craig M. Johnson

April 28, 2010

“The proposed boycott of Arizona Iced Tea is a misdirected response to the new law that has been imposed in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Beverage Co. is based in Woodbury, Nassau County, where it employs more than 200 Long Islanders. The company was founded in New York and is a bonafide Empire State success story. I personally believe the Arizona law is wrongheaded, politically motivated and will likely not survive a court challenge. It also does nothing to advance us toward a national solution to the problem of illegal immigration. However, it is misguided and simply wrong to hurt a local business in protest of a law that was enacted on the other side of the country. I am urging everyone to not only refrain from this boycott, but also to buy an Arizona product in order to support a local business during this very difficult economic time.”