Western New Yorkers…. Hold on to Your Wallets!

Dale M. Volker

April 30, 2009

State Budget Done in Complete Secrecy Includes Massive Tax, Fees, and Surcharge Increases


(DEPEW, NY)  Senator Dale M. Volker (R-I-C, Depew) today voiced outrage at the Democratic negotiated budget that includes over $8 BILLION in new taxes and fees that will hit taxpayers when they can least afford it.  It is simply reprehensible that they are turning their backs on our taxpayers and forcing them to pay for a spending binge that has no end in sight.


“Someone needs to tell the Governor, and the Democratic leaders of the State Senate and State Assembly who crafted this state budget that we are in the middle of a deep recession,” said Senator Dale M. Volker.  “That means that people are losing their jobs, their retirement savings are being obliterated, they are concerned about the affordability and accessibility of their health care, and worried about how they are going to pay for their children’s education.   Instead of making hard choices and doing the right thing---like reducing costs and tightening their financial belts, the Democratic leadership increases taxes and fees to pay for their spending spree and the taxpayers are going to pay the bill.” 


Year-to-year All Funds spending has exploded by $10.5 billion or nearly 10% -- a whopping 7 times the rate of inflation (1.4%).  Overall spending totals roughly $132 billion.  Below are some of the staggering new taxes and fees that total of over $8 billion in new taxes and fees, including:


o    Elimination of STAR Rebate checks                         $1.559 m

o   Personal Income Tax Increase (New)                         $4.116 m


o   HMO Tax                                                                    $120 m


o   Tax on Health Insurance Policies ( DRP)                    $240 m


o   Shift “Stop Loss” to Insurance Assessment               $180 m


o   Non-resident Covered Lives Assessment                   $5 m


o   Hospital Surcharge (Tax)                                            $126 m


o   Hospital Assessment (Tax)                                          $158 m


o   Home Care Assessment (Tax)                         $14 m


o   Limit Item Deductions/ High Income Payers             $140 m


o   Impose Fee on Non-LLC Partnerships                       $50 m


o   Tax In-State Use of Out-of-State Vehicles                $4 m


o   Expand Vendor to Dot-Com's                                                $9 m


o   Overcapitalized Captive Insurance Corps                  $33 m


o   Auto Rental Tax                                                         $8 m


o   Highway Use Tax Fee Increase                                  $5 m


o   Tax Increase on Businesses in Empire Zones             $90 m


o   Increase Beer/Wine Tax                                              $14 m


o   Sales Tax on Livery Services                                     $26 m


o   Cigar Tax                                                                    $10 m


o   Other Nuisance Fees                                                    $178 m


o   Utility Tax Increase (SFC estimate)                           $600 m


o   Driver Registrations / License Renewal           $90 m


o   Enhanced "Bottle Bill"/EPF Financing                       $50 m




Senator Volker said, “As the public finally learns the true impact of this disastrous, secret budget, they are going to be outraged.  Senate Republicans will rally the opposition to a budget that will certainly take more money from the wallets of taxpayers and put more people’s jobs in jeopardy.”