End of food mandate an important yet small first step

Votes rescind three of Cuomo’s emergency executive orders

Senator Dan Stec today said the Senate and Assembly Democrats allowing a vote to rescind three of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s emergency executive order directives is a positive development, but added their action falls short of what he said should be done.

“Of the three executive orders being cancelled today, the governor’s requirement that people must order food while having a drink stands out as the most absurd,” said Stec.  “It’s not based in science and is a clear example of the arbitrary nature of Cuomo’s orders, which caused confusion and has frustrated and hurt many businesses.

“The governor’s emergency powers were slated to end on April 30, but legislation that the Democrats drafted and Cuomo endorsed and signed gives him continuing emergency authority until whenever he declares the state of emergency is over,” said Stec.  “Not only is it totally unnecessary, what bothers me is the willingness of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to continue to offer Cuomo this kind of control.

“In effect, they’ve set aside our constitutional role as a coequal branch, which is remarkable given the numerous and serious allegations against the governor and multiple federal and state investigations he and his administration are the subject of,” said Stec.  “Rather than tinker around the edges with a few orders, they should be joining our effort to end his emergency powers and for the Legislature to fully exercise its role.”

Stec proposed an amendment during yesterday’s Senate session that would immediately end the governor’s emergency powers.  His action marked the 38 time this year that Senate Republicans offered and Senate Democrats failed to support this kind of amendment.

In addition to ending the food-with-alcohol requirement, the Senate and Assembly voted today to end the governor’s exemption for volunteers operating in a significant governmental capacity to be exempt from the New York State Public Officers Law and repeal outdated compliance rules for vaccine suppliers.