New allegation renews Stec call for Gov to resign

Senator Stec introduces an amendment in the Senate Chamber
Stec again pushes to completely rescind governor’s emergency powers

In light of the most recent allegation by a sixth woman claiming inappropriate behavior by Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Dan Stec today renewed his call for the governor to immediately resign.

Stec had called on the governor to resign on February 28.

The Times Union on Wednesday reported that an aide to Gov. Cuomo says he groped her in the Executive Mansion in Albany.  Stec cited the alleged incident when he spoke on the Senate floor today on an amendment he introduced to strip the governor of his emergency powers entirely.

“The least we should be doing at this point is rescinding his emergency powers and restoring our coequal Constitutional role,” said Stec.

“This most recent allegation of the governor aggressively groping a female staff member while in his taxpayer-funded residence is alarming,” said Stec.  “That is sexual assault.

"My understanding is there’s enough support in the Assembly for impeachment.  If the governor won’t step down, then the Assembly should proceed, in my opinion.  Our state needs to be able to move forward free of the numerous controversies surrounding him and his administration.”