Senate OKs farm cidery legislation

Daniel G. Stec

May 19, 2021

Legislation supporting New York’s growing farm cidery industry passed the Senate today.  Senator Dan Stec is a cosponsor of Senate bill S556 that would allow both interstate and intrastate shipment of hard cider. 

“This growing industry is poised to do even better if farms are allowed to sell and ship directly to their customers,” said Stec.  “This is what consumers expect in the e-commerce era and the trend has probably only grown stronger during the Covid pandemic.”

Stec said New York is one of only 18 states which does not permit direct shipment of cider to consumers. Direct shipments of wine is allowed under state law.  The cider legislation is modeled on the existing provisions for direct wine shipment.

If adopted, the proposed law would allow cideries to ship hard cider directly to customers in New York State as well as ship to and receive from out-of-state cideries.

The New York Farm Bureau supports the legislation. 

Companion legislation is pending consideration in the State Assembly.