Senator Stec, Colleagues Unveil Major Public Reform Package

Daniel G. Stec

January 11, 2022

At a press conference with his Senate and Assembly Republican colleagues, state Senator Dan Stec (R,C-Queensbury) unveiled a package of legislation to address our public safety crisis.  

Since the enactment of bail reform in 2019, violent crime in New York State has risen sharply. Stec, who ran for Senate on a message of common sense public safety solutions, sees this set of bills as the best way to protect our communities and keep them safe. 

“The statistics don’t lie. Bail reform is a major reason for the increase in violent crime that’s plagued our state,” Stec said. “We must address this public safety crisis, which is why I’m sponsoring a set of common sense reforms. 

“This legislative package would repeal bail reform and provide law enforcement with the resources and discretion they need to keep our communities safe, as well as fix our parole system and protect crime victims and their families,” he added. “I’m committed to making sure every resident feels safe in their neighborhood. These measures are crucial in accomplishing that goal.” 

Senator Stec’s agenda to restore public safety includes: 

● The Protect Those Who Protect Us Package, which invests in and supports law enforcement; 

● Repealing bail reform and restoring judicial discretion;  

● Reforming the parole system to focus on protecting and reflecting the needs of crime victims and their families; and 

● Passing a Victims’ Justice Agenda that supports victims’ services, strengthens penalties for violent criminals and allocates resources to mental health, addiction, poverty programs.