Stec Bill Empowering Aquatic Plant Growth Control Districts Passes State Senate

Legislation would let town boards better combat invasive species

A bill sponsored by Senator Dan Stec (R,C-Queensbury) allowing special aquatic plant growth control districts to combat invasive aquatic invertebrates today passed the Senate. Senate bill S7641A would authorize town boards the ability to grant these districts control over invasive aquatic invertebrate species. Enacting this measure is crucial in giving local communities the ability to protect their local environments and native species. 

“I’m pleased that my bill addressing invasive aquatic invertebrates passed the Senate,” said Stec. “We must do more to provide communities with the necessary authority to protect their local ecosystems and waterways. If enacted, this bill would help accomplish that and empower town boards and aquatic plant growth control districts to take action. 

“I urge the Assembly to take up this important bill before the end of session next week,” he added.