Stec: ‘Clean Slate’ Furthers Public Safety Crisis

Daniel G. Stec

June 01, 2022

Senator Dan Stec (R,C-Queensbury) today issued the following statement concerning the passage of “Clean Slate” legislation in the Senate: 

“With Clean Slate, Albany Democrats are putting lives at risk. By sealing a person’s criminal record, we’re depriving potential employers, landlords and schools of crucial background information. 

“Under this legislation, if you’re convicted of felonies such as arson, hate crimes, armed robbery or even manslaughter, your record is sealed. At a time when so much of the discussion is on how to identify potential risks to a community, this makes absolutely no sense. 

“By passing Clean Slate, Senate Democrats are actively making it more difficult to monitor violent criminals and protect law-abiding New Yorkers. It’s part of a pattern we’ve seen repeatedly under one-party rule. New Yorkers are overwhelmingly in favor of common sense public safety policies and reforms. But time and again, this has been ignored in favor of new policies that make our state less safe for families and communities.” 

Video of Senator Stec on Clean Slate can be found at: