Stec: Gov should allow DMVs to fully reopen

Senator Dan Stec is asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to allow county Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) to reopen for in-person visits without the need for an appointment.

“Local DMVs are open but by appointment only,” said Stec.  “That’s a real inconvenience for a lot of people when the data and the science on COVID-19 simply doesn’t warrant it.  With so many segments of our community and economy reopening, it only makes sense to take this step with our DMVs.”

In the letter to the governor, Stec wrote: “Constituents contacting my office are understandably frustrated having to wait weeks before being able to visit a local DMV.  The lack of accessibility was understandable at the height of the pandemic, but this restriction is no longer needed.”

Stec added that some people are comfortable interacting online but many others prefer the in-person opportunity to talk with a DMV employee, especially seniors who have contacted his office to express their concern.