Stec: More lawmakers joining call for Cuomo to resign

“Calls for Cuomo to resign are growing louder and more bipartisan every day,” said Senator Dan Stec.  

“I’ve pushed to end his emergency powers for months and have called upon him to resign more than a week ago given the horrible nursing home deaths scandal, personal threats to at least one lawmaker and now multiple sexual harassment claims.  

“Our State needs and deserves better.  Cuomo has lied to the public, to the families that have lost loved ones in nursing homes and to the Legislature.  He has proven that he can’t be trusted and that he is unfit to lead.  

“He assuredly will use every lever of power at his disposal to hold on and to try to intimidate and destroy anyone who has dared to challenge him.  But, if we are united in the Legislature, the truth will win out.”