Stec: New Gun Control Laws Turn Adirondack Park Gun Owners Into Felons

Daniel G. Stec

July 05, 2022

Friday’s Extraordinary Session bans all guns from being possessed in the Adirondack Park

Senator Dan Stec (R,C-Queensbury) today blasted Governor Hochul and the Legislative Democrats that passed the “Concealed Carry Improvement Act.” In its haste to respond to the Supreme Court’s rejection of the state’s prior concealed carry law, the Governor and legislative leaders criminalized all guns from being carried on park property.

In doing so, the approximately 130,000 people living on the 6 million acres that comprise the Adirondack Park lands are at risk for felony charges for merely owning a shotgun or rifle.

“This is classic Albany Democrat behavior,” said Stec. “After their last attempt at gun control legislation was rejected by the Supreme Court, they rushed through more ill-conceived legislation that turns law-abiding gun owners in the Adirondack Park into felons.

“This isn’t about pistols or assault rifles; the Governor and Democrats in the Legislature have made it a felony to even have a hunting rifle on park land,” he continued. “Because of this rushed, politically motivated law, thousands of men and women in our region could now be considered criminals.

“In addition and as I noted on the Senate floor during Extraordinary Session, the new gun control legislation only serves to make our state less safe. By forcing establishments to note if a person is allowed to carry a weapon inside, potential criminals know what places are secure and which are ripe for preying on. Shame on Governor Hochul and the Legislative leaders for making our current public safety crisis worse.”

For video of Senator Stec’s remarks on the Senate Floor in opposition to this law visit: