Stec Urges Gov. Hochul to Protect Family Farms, Reject Farm Laborers Wage Board Recommendation

Daniel G. Stec

July 28, 2022

Senator Dan Stec (R,C-Queensbury) today wrote to Governor Hochul, urging her to take action in advance of the upcoming September 6 meeting of the Farm Laborers Wage Board. At this meeting, it is assumed the board will issue its final recommendation in support of lowering the overtime threshold for farm workers.  

In his letter, Stec highlighted the importance of agriculture to our state’s economy and the impact rising costs and inflation as reasons to reject the board’s decision. 

“In recent months, our national GDP has dropped significantly and the Federal Reserve is now attempting to head off a major recession,” Stec said. “Inflation continues to soar, interest rates are higher than they have been in years and major change in farm law would only exacerbate these troubles. 

“Most family-owned farms operate on tight budgets and deadlines. Lowering the threshold would force a radical change in operations for owners and impact the ability of farm workers to find and maintain employment,” he continued. “This could New Yorkers who rely on these goods may be forced to go without them due to scarcity or exorbitant cost.  

“We can’t allow that to happen. To help protect our family farms and ensure that all New Yorkers continue to have access to healthy, affordable food grown and raised in our state, I urge Governor Hochul to reject the Farm Laborer Wage Board’s recommendations and keep the current overtime threshold in place,” Stec concluded.