Mta Full Line Reviews Pioneered by Daniel Squadron Now Headed to Co-Op City

Agency Bringing Full Line Review to Co-Op City Buses to Improve Service

NEW YORK -- State Senator Daniel Squadron welcomed today's news that the MTA will look at ways to improve bus service to and from Co-Op City with a Full
 Line Review -- the comprehensive study originally pioneered by Squadron and the MTA in 2009 that has already led to major improvements along the F, L, and G lines

Last month, in response to a question from Squadron at his Senate Confirmation Hearing, MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast indicated that the MTA will be applying the Full Line Reviews system wide as a way to improve service for riders.

"Time and time again, the Full Line Review has provided great bang for its buck -- finding cost-effective ways to make improvements that make a dramatic difference for riders who need it most," said Squadron.

"In 2009, I was proud to work with the MTA to create the first-of-its-kind Full Line Review on the F, leading to better service and newer, cleaner trains for riders. We then used Full Line Reviews to increase service on the L and, now, the G. And just today, the MTA announced that it will bring the same comprehensive study to bus service at Co-Op City.

"We need a public transit system that works for all New Yorkers. The Full Line Review is a cost-effective way to ensure that riders across the five boroughs have subways and buses on which they can rely."

In 2009, Squadron worked with the MTA to create the first-of-its-kind Full-Line Review, resulting in more frequent and on-time trains and newer and cleaner subway cars along the F line. Following Squadron's request for a Full Line Review of the L, the MTA increased service along the L line beginning in the summer of 2012. And just last week, Squadron, Senator Martin Dilan, and the MTA announced that the MTA will be increasing service on the G train, and taking measures to reduce train bunching and end the notorious G Train Sprint, following a Full Line Review of the requested by Squadron and Dilan.