Senator Squadron Statement on Passage of Extension & Expansion of Rent Regulations

Daniel L. Squadron

June 24, 2011

Unfortunately the State Senate is controlled by Republicans whose leadership does not represent New York City or its tenants. Republicans who are, too often, themselves controlled by big money -- one real estate lobbyist even admitted that he was expecting the Republicans to repay his clients for their campaign generosity. The fact that the Republicans are beholden to special interests instead of regular New Yorkers (watch this debate!) made it very hard to pass a good bill that includes all of the provisions tenants need.

I'm glad this legislation includes a provision from a bill I've long carried to better protect tenants from misuse of Individual Apartment Improvement rent increases, and that it will raise the decontrol threshold. That's why I voted yes.

But our work doesn't end with this bill. I will keep fighting for the additional changes we need to protect the affordable housing that's made New York the vibrant and diverse place it is today. And I will push for the campaign finance reform necessary to keep big money from controlling the debate and help keep New Yorkers in their homes.