Senators Squadron, Schneiderman and Others Propose Bipartisan Agreement to End Senate Stalemate

Albany, NY—State Senators Daniel Squadron, Eric Schneiderman, Liz Krueger,  Eric Adams, Neil Breslin, Suzi Oppenheimer, and Kevin Parker proposed an agreement today to allow the Senate to end the stalemate and return to business.

Like other proposals under discussion, the proposal shares the power and resources of the Senate between the two conferences and creates a bi-partisan mechanism for bringing bills to the floor for consideration.

Unlike other proposals, it temporarily vacates the offices of President Pro Tem and Majority Leader, replacing them with co-equal Conference Leaders.  The proposal also creates a specific mechanism for a bare majority of Senators to bring a bill to the floor for consideration, stripping leaders of their de facto power to veto legislation.

 The bi-partisan agreement includes the following components:

 ·         Agreement becomes operative and the stalemate is solved when 32 Senators have signed on; 

·         Agreement lasts until the end of 2010 or the election of a new Senator who gives either conference a majority;

·         Two Conference Leaders with shared power and responsibility, each chosen by one conference;

·         No President Pro Tempore, Majority Leader or Minority Leader;

·         Bills moved to the floor in a bipartisan way and/or by a majority of members;

·         Member items and staff allocations are non-partisan and equitable for all members;

·         Non-partisan Secretary of the Senate mutually appointed by both conferences to administer Senate operations.


Full proposal is attached as a PDF document.