Squadron Hosts Fourth Annual Community Convention, Urges Participatory Government as Way to Fight Back Against Alec

Daniel L. Squadron

April 22, 2012

Squadron: When We Aren’t Watching Is When Government Gets Stolen By Special Interests

NEW YORK – This weekend, State Senator Daniel Squadron hosted his fourth annual 25th Senate District Community Convention, bringing together over 200 constituents to participate in and shape the future of the district and the state.

In his opening remarks, Senator Squadron argued that the best way to fight back against groups like the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and other special interests  is to get involved with government and community through events like the Convention.

“Fighting back against groups like ALEC isn’t easy, but it is possible.  Do not give up.  Most people are busy living their lives; when they aren’t watching, that’s when the government gets stolen by special interests.  The Convention is one way to fight back,” said Senator Squadron.

“ALEC does not have a monopoly on getting things done. Whatever form it takes, when you make your voice heard in your community and your government, that’s fighting back.  And it makes an enormous difference.”

Senator Squadron's full remarks are available here.

During the opening plenary, MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota gave keynote remarks on New York City’s transit system and how riders can engage on its future. U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and Councilmember Margaret Chin also joined the program. 

Following the opening plenary, participants split into moderated discussion groups on nearly 20 topics, from rent regulation and transit to education and ethics reform, in addition to Spanish- and Chinese-language conversations. The ideas and feedback provided by constituents during those sessions will help shape Senator Squadron’s legislative and community priorities for the coming year.