Squadron HPD Testimony: Make Mitchell-Lama Housing Accessible to More New Yorkers

NEW YORK -- Today, State Senator Daniel Squadron submitted the below testimony to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development's hearing on proposed changes to the Mitchell-Lama housing program.

Legislation proposed by Senator Squadron in the Senate (S524) and Speaker Silver and Assembly Member Millman in the Assembly (A6262) would bring much-needed reform to the program -- making it accessible to more middle class New Yorkers and ensuring the financial viability of Mitchell-Lama housing. 

Currently, families with two or more dependents and a joint annual net income between 100% and 125% of the average median income are eligible for Mitchell-Lama housing. This automatically excludes families who do not yet have dependents.  The legislation would eliminate the dependent requirement, allowing those with a broader range of income levels and family composition to become part of the Mitchell-Lama community.

"Our city's continued vibrancy and diversity depend on affordable housing, yet rising costs are pricing middle-class New  Yorkers out of their homes," said Senator Squadron. "By increasing the number of families who qualify for Mitchell-Lama housing, we're serving the best interests of residents, communities, and this city as a whole."


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