Squadron: MTA Agrees to Improve L Train Weekend Service

MTA Heeds Squadron’s Call to Review L Line and Improve Weekend Service

MTA Plans to Add Additional Trains By Mid-2012

NEW YORK – Today, State Senator Daniel Squadron announced that the MTA has heeded his call and plans to improve weekend service on the L train.  Riders can expect to see more frequent trains beginning in mid-2012.

In July, Senator Squadron requested a review of the L line and of weekend F and L train service, similar to the 2009 F train review the MTA undertook at his request. The 2009 review was the first of its kind, resulting in more on-time trains and newer, cleaner subways.

Following Senator Squadron’s July 2011 request, the MTA analyzed weekend service on the L train and, in a report, concluded that service has not kept up with the “meteoric” rise in ridership. In fact, weekend ridership on the L train has increased by 141% since 1998 -- while service has only increased by 58% on Saturdays and 52% on Sundays.  Ridership on the L train does not drop off on weekends nearly as much as it does on other lines, even exceeding weekday ridership during certain hours.

“As ridership and our communities change and grow, our transit system cannot be stuck on the nine-to-five clock,” said Senator Squadron. “Improving weekend L service is a step toward a subway system that keeps up with its riders every day of the week.

“I’m pleased that the MTA has heeded my call and plans to add additional L trains on weekends. The MTA’s willingness to review service and issue this report shows true transparency and responsiveness.”

The MTA report also indicates that it will evaluate overall L train service – and likely increase frequency – following the implementation of Communications-Based Train Control. The MTA also concluded that a weekend service increase on the F train is not possible at this time.


Media Contact: Amy Spitalnick / 212.298.5565